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To share our blessings with others in an honest, affordable way & promote others to learn about easy ways to eat and live healthier,, become more self sustainable, and fall in love with farming… even if it’s just by visiting.

Our Story... How Did We Get Here?

Our Farm started as a dream, we wanted to become self-sustainable and live in harmony with our Mother Nature. The growth of MoonShine Mountain Farm into a true farm (albeit a small one) has happened organically -pardon the pun. Our love for the "Simple Days" when people knew what they were eating, where it came from, and how fresh it TRULY was, has turned into an opportunity where we can share our passion with others.

It all started with a garden, and a few chickens…

But, “Chickens are like Potato chips- you can’t have just one!”


After getting started with a few chickens and 3 goats… I knew immediately I wanted to share my new outlook on life with others… and continue to expand and learn more!

The animals brought such joy, knowing that they lived a natural lifestyle and enjoyed the highest quality of life (perhaps pampered) made it seem like this was the only option for our family moving forward.

At MoonShine Mountain Farm we believe in promoting a healthy and natural lifestyle. Helping educate others about where their food comes from has become a passion, and we want to encourage everyone to learn a bit about sustainable lifestyles- 

We plan on teaching some basic self-sustainability skills; Canning, Herbs for Health, Basic local Foraging, and Homesteading Skills.




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"My farm homestead is my therapy, there is nothing better for my soul than being outside taking in all God’s beauty." 

- Nichole Stinson 

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