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Indulge in Nature's Bounty with Our Premium Products:

🍓 Jams & Jellies - Bursting with the sweetness of seasonal freshly picked fruits.

🥒 Pickles-  Crunchy and tangy, a delightful addition to any meal.

🍽️ Sauces & Seasonings- Expertly crafted to add depth and complexity to your cooking.

🌿 Herbs- Fresh from our farm to your table, enhancing every dish with natural goodness.

☕ Herbal Teas-  Relax and rejuvenate with our soothing blends straight from nature's bounty.

🥚🍖 Naturally Raised Animal Products: Chicken, Duck, Turkey, Lamb-

Treat yourself to the finest eggs & meats raised with care and respect. Pasture raised, delivering unmatched flavor and tenderness.

 Health, Skin & Beauty Products-

Care and Pamper yourself with our luxurious line of natural health and body care essentials:

  • All Natural, Chemical Free Bug Spray

At MoonShine Mountain Farm, we're dedicated to providing you with the finest handcrafted products,

straight from our farm to your table.

Taste the difference with ingredients sourced directly from our farm and local farmers,

helping to support sustainable agriculture.

Immerse yourself in MoonShine Mountain Farm's Artisan Craftsmanship and Traditional Practices,

where each product reflects a dedication to quality and heritage:

Crafted with Care: Experience the artistry in every jar, as our small-batch

production ensures meticulous attention to detail. Made with fresh ingredients straight from our farm,

and other local area farms, each creation preserves the essence of nature's goodness.

Honoring Tradition: Rediscover the timeless flavors of yesteryear with our time-honored preservation methods, passed down through generations for unparalleled taste and quality. We capture the essence of each season with simple and seasonal ingredients, ensuring every jar embraces the bounty of the season.

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