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Our Journey:

Cultivating a Dream into Reality-

MoonShine Mountain Farm

MoonShine Mountain Farm is born from a dream of self-sustainability and harmony with nature. Our journey from a humble garden and a few chickens has organically grown into a small farm, rooted in the simplicity of knowing the origin and freshness of what we eat.


Nichole often says, "Chickens are like potato chips—you can't have just one!“

With a growing family of animals, we've discovered the joy of a natural and pampered lifestyle, inspiring us to share this perspective with the world. At MoonShine Mountain Farm, we advocate for a healthy and natural lifestyle, educating others about the origins of their food and encouraging sustainable living. We're not just a farm; we're a hub of learning and sharing.


Our mission goes beyond farming, extending to teaching essential self-sustainability skills like canning, herbal health, local foraging, and homesteading. Join us on this journey where love for the land and a commitment to sustainable living converge. As we bring our dreams to life, we aim to share them with others through products, experiences, and education.

We'd love to tell you more- please reach out ...

let's work together and see if there is anything to help YOU on YOUR JOURNEY;

No matter what that looks like for you-

Let Us Meet You There!!!

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MoonShine Mountain Farm is dedicated to promoting a natural and healthy lifestyle, inspiring a love for farming through affordable and honest means. We educate about sustainable practices, focusing on essential self-sustainability skills like canning, herbal health, local foraging, and homesteading. Our goal is to build a community that values and practices sustainable living, inviting everyone to join us on the journey toward a more fulfilling lifestyle.

MoonShine Mountain Farm envisions a simpler, natural life that harmonizes past traditions with modern innovations. We aim to provide experiences that imbue meaning, purpose, and empowerment to people from diverse backgrounds, fostering a harmonious coexistence with the land and oneself. Our vision extends beyond the local DMV area, reaching a wider community through social media, literature, and various media platforms.



At MoonShine Mountain Farm, we believe in providing our students with the best possible farm products and farm experiences and agricultural education. All of our products are 100% naturally raised, free range, and well- loved.  We are committed to offering our Farm-ily the best experiences possible.

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