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Join Us in Getting "Back to Basics"

Feed Your Mind, Body & Soul with our Homesteading Classes

During the COVID Pandemic, we at MoonShine Mountain Farm have really learned what is important to us. Getting "Back to Basics" we feel that we can actually thrive vs survive...


Come immerse yourself in the ancient arts and modern techniques that will grow your confidence and hone your ability to survive and thrive today

All while having a blast, learning new skills and making new friends!


Self Sufficiency and         Home-steading Classes

The dream of a simpler, natural life is at the very heart of MoonShine Mountain Farm.

Today's homesteading is both an embrace of the past and it's traditions while

utilizing the innovations of the current day.   

We know urban and suburban life can feel shallow and disconnected....

Our goal of helping others to learn to live with the land and in harmony with oneself comes to life in our Self Sufficiency and Home-Steading classes.

We strive to bring you experiences that will help bring meaning, purpose and empowerment.  

Check Back Frequently as we add things to the 2021 Calendar!

Upcoming Classes for 2021-

- Eat the Weeds- Identifying commonly overlooked  (& SUPER HEALTHY!) Wild Edibles

- Planning your Summer/ Fall Garden- What should you plant, and when?

- Processing a Chicken- Truly Farm to table, how to process a chicken humanely

- Water Bath Canning- Learn the ancient art of preserving your harvest

                    Class Suggestions?  Let us know!                                       CONTACT

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