Our Family 

Our Farm

Dan, Nichole, Austin (& Poppy Creek)

Our family is so blessed. We all love where we live, the way we live and each other... We could not be more grateful to Our Lord for the blessings we have been given. 

Our goal is to farm as our forefathers did.

Using Common Sense, Not Chemicals.

For our health, and the health of our planet we want to do what we can to stop the factory farm mentality. Our goal is to be self sufficient, AND to teach others to be self sufficient as well!

At MoonShine Mountain Farm our goal is to Farm Sustainably. We strive to offer products that are free of chemicals, dyes, and unnecessary antibiotics and medications. More importantly, our goal is to be connected to our food. 

MoonShine Mountain Farm

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The Stinson Clan South



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